AT&T Technician Dispatch

This is to confirm your onsite Technical Dispatch.  And that you have:


1) agreed to a $100 possible billable charge if the modem is replaced or if there is an issue within the home

2) agreed to a $100 billable charge if the technician reports No Access in the event nobody is home.

3) If the connection begins working prior to the dispatch, notify technicians so we can best plan on how to move forward (A working connection with no issues found is grounds for a billable dispatch).


Also, please remove all 3rd party routers before the technician arrives.

- Prior to setting up the dispatch one of our technicians should have performed some troubleshooting with you to limit the possibility of the dispatch being billable, however, if you haven't already please check the following:
  1. The modem is receiving power (there should be lights on the modem)
  2. The modem is connected to the internet line and the internet line terminates at the proper wall jack on the other end.
  3. Perform a power reboot on the modem another time prior to the dispatch.