Greylisting - Email Delivery Delays

What is Greylisting?


Greylisting is an anti-spam technology used on's email system.


How does Greylisting work?


Messages from new senders may be temporarily rejected by Greylisting for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, messages will be delivered normally. Greylisting is effective in limiting spam because many spammers will not wait 15 minutes and try to deliver their junk somewhere else. Also, during this 15 minute period the sender may be identified as a spammer and permanently blocked.


How do I avoid Greylisting? mailboxes allow users to add email addresses to the Trusted Senders list, which will bypass Greylisting. This can be done by logging in via webmail ( > Sign Into Your Email) then going to Settings > Trusted Senders. Alternatively, you can select a message in your inbox and go to Actions > Mark > Not Spam which will also add the email to the Trusted Senders list.