AT&T Modem Setup

  1. ​​​Plug modem into the DSL line first before plugging into power.
  2. Wait for the modem to sync up after being plugged in. If no sync, perform a 1 minute long hard reset, if still no sync the modem is deemed bad. (Modem is in sync when Broadband and Service lights are solid green)
  3. If the modem syncs up to the network connect it to the break room computer and login to the modem using its IP address (
  4. Go to the Diagnostics tab and perform a full diagnostics (if tests fail, modem is deemed bad).                                                            
  5. While in Diagnostics, go to the resets tab. Unplug the DSL cable from the modem.
  6. Perform factory reset on the modem. Once reset is completed unplug the modem completely and put it in the good modem box.
    Tips & Tricks: 
  • Average sync time for BGW210 is up to 5-10Min,
  • Average time to sync for PACE 5268AC is up to 5-15Min.
  • BB light is solid green but there is no internet on the computer, perform a full 1min reset. If the computer still can't connect to the internet even though the modem is synced up the modem is deemed bad. 
  • While the modem is syncing up, the BB light will commonly blink green before going to solid green. Modem should not consistently flash red or it's a bad modem.
  • Occasionally the power light will begin to flash, this typically means the modem is receiving and applying an update.