Hitron Modem Wi-Fi Setup

Whether you are setting up a modem for the first time or the modem has been reset as a result of troubleshooting or other reasons, this article will provided step by step instructions for completing the modem and Wi-Fi setup. When completed you will have your own Wi-Fi name and password that you will use when connecting to Wi-Fi. This article only pertains to Hitron Modems. 
  1. Verify the modem is connected to power and the lights are on. Also verify that the coaxial cable is screwed in snuggly into the back of the modem. Allow a few minutes of time for the full turn on. 
  2. On either a computer or phone, connect to the modem's Wi-Fi. The default Wi-Fi name & Wi-Fi password (Default Key) is listed on the rear of the modem. Ex: Hitronxxxxx-EasyConnect
  3. Once connected open a web browser and go to or click here.
  4. For first time setup, it should take you to the Hitron EasyConnect Welcome page. At the bottom click on the Let's Go button. 

  5. Once the testing page loads, click on the Test Connection button.
  6. If the test is successful it should display a message saying "Your modem is now connected to the internet", with a green check mark displayed. Now that the internet is connected, Click on the Set up Wi-Fi button and go to step 8. 
  7. If the test is unsuccessful, there will be a red exclamation point  and a message saying "Sorry, it looks like your modem didn't connect".

     Here are some troubleshooting steps to try and fix the connection issue. 
    1. Unscrew and remove the coax cable from the modem then carefully re-connect the cable to the modem and snuggly screw it in. Wait 30 seconds then hit the Try Again button on your device.
    2. If unsuccessful, disconnect the power cable for 15 seconds and plug it back into the modem after. Allow the modem 1-3 minutes to reboot (reboot completed when Wi-Fi lights begin to emit) and go through the Wi-Fi setup process again.
    3. If still unsuccessful, perform a hard reset on the modem by pushing the reset pin for 30 seconds on the back of the modem above the yellow ethernet ports. Allow the modem time to reboot and then go through the Wi-Fi setup process again.
    4. If after steps 1-3 the modem still is not syncing up to the network, note the status of the lights on the modem and contact the TOAST.net support department.  
  8. The next page is the Wi-Fi Setup configuration. This is where you will enter a custom Wi-Fi name and password for your wireless network. This password is also going to be used for signing into the Hitron's admin settings. After you are satisfied with the name and password you have created, go ahead and click Confirm Setup to save those credentials. When creating a password it's best to use at least 8 characters with a variation of letters (upper and lowercase) and numbers to ensure only authorized users have access.  
  9. Verify the network names and passwords are correct and then click the Complete My Setup button. If the name and password isn't what you want it to be, click the Edit icon next to the field you wish to change, and then click the  Complete My Setup button.
  10. Once completed you're ready to connect your devices to the Internet. Follow your device's process for connecting to Wi-Fi and search for your custom network name and then connect with the Wi-Fi password you created.