Cable Data Overage + Add-ons Info


Data Add-ons


Overage Fees

150 GBs


$20 per 50 GBs

Unlimited Data


  • Data cycles from 27th → 26th. (March 27th → April 26th)
  • The data cycle resets each month on the 27th
  • Data overages are billable at $20 per 50 GBs block
  • Adding additional data in the current cycle can forego/supersede overage fees
  • Data add-ons must be submitted to Buckeye/COPS by the 25th of each month
  • Data add-ons must be kept for 1 full billing cycle (Add it this month, they’ll need to keep it for next month)
  • Customers can monitor their data using the Start Page
  • Customers may see an automated pop-up message on their devices regarding usage from Buckeye