DSL-2/Fiber Modem Speed Test

If you are experiencing what you believe to be slow speed issues or just want to verify the speed your modem is receiving, then try the steps below to get a true test of your internet speeds.
1. Open an internet browser on a device connected to your modem either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet (Make sure this is the only device connected to the Wi-Fi network in order to get a true speed to the modem). In the address bar type in the numbers and hit enter. 
2. The AT&T modem settings page should then be displayed (If the page did not load, make sure you are connected to the network and that you have entered the address correctly) 
3. Locate the tabs that have the dark blue and light blue bar across the top. Click on the Diagnostics tab.
4. Another settings page will then load. On the light blue bar across the top click Speed Test
5. The page will then ask you to enter your modem's access code in order to run a speed test on the modem. This can be found on a sticker on the modem labeled Device Access Code. (The Access Code is case sensitive so make sure you have the correct capitalization)
6. You should then see the following message on your screen. Click Run Speed Test to start the test. 
7. After the Speed Test is finished running the speeds will be listed under the Throughput (Mbps) column. 
8. If the speeds reported in this test represent the speeds for the plan you are on but you are experiencing issues with buffering or slowness on devices, then the issue may not be with the speed itself but likely something else. A great way to try to remedy the issue would be to power off the modem and the device affected, then return power to both devices after 15 seconds. If the issue persists consult with a TOAST.net technician.
9. Contrarily, if the speeds reported are lower than normal for the plan you are on then try performing a power cycle on the modem and affected devices (pull power and data cable from modem and devices for 15 seconds and then plug it back in).
If the issue persists consult with a TOAST.net technician for the best solution.