Content Filtering in SmarterMail


Warning: Proceed with caution.

Content filtering is an advanced feature that can cause issues if not used properly. Please only make changes that you know the effects of. Please also refer to SmarterMail's in depth guide to using Content Filtering.


What is content filtering?

Content filtering is a way you can control how emails sent to you are sorted. There are various categories you can utilize to sort your incoming emails, such as emails from a specific sender or domain, emails that contain attachments, emails containing certain words, and much more. There are also various actions you can take on these filtered emails, such as marking as read, moving, deleting, and much more.

1. To access the Content Filtering settings in SmarterMail, click on the Settings icon located on the left toolbar
2. From there select the Content Filtering settings under the Filtering tab
3. Once in the Content Filtering settings it should display any existing filters you have set up. To create a new filter click on the new button at the top of the page.
4. From this screen is where you can select how you want to filter incoming email based on various criteria, note that you can select more than one option from this list.

5. From this screen, you can specify the parameters of the filters you have selected to sort the emails by, and if you have multiple filters, you can also select if ALL the rules must be met to be filtered, or just one of the rules need to be met to be filtered.
6.Finally, from this screen, you must name the rule you have made, and choose what to DO with the filtered emails, once done, select the Save button at the top.
7. Once the filter is saved you'll be returned to the Content Filtering section and you'll see the new filter. Use the Edit button to fine-tune your filters or delete them to have them removed.