Gmail App Client Setup

Applies To: Users with a mail account who want to set up IMAP on their smartphone through the Gmail app. 

This article will configure your phone or tablet to access email only.
If you would like to enable contact, calendar, and note synchronization, we recommend Google Workspace.

1. Make sure the Gmail app is downloaded from the phone's Appstore. 

2. Go to Email Setup Wizard to see what the Server name is for your email address.
3. Open the Gmail app to start the setup process
4. Select this icon as this will open up your mail accounts that are set up in Gmail. Note: the icon may not be a picture and could simply be a letter.
5. Select add another account to begin adding your email to the GMAIL application.

6. Select the other option.

7. Enter in the email address that you wish to setup.

8. Enter your emails password. If you are unsure of your password, log into the webmail version of your email to verify you have the correct password.
9. For the username field, simply enter your full email address. Use the mail setup wizard to determine the server for your mail account if you didn't do so in step 2. 

10. Set your account sync options to whatever best fit your needs

11. Select the labels desired for your account name and your display name

12. The email is now ready to use, and mail should begin to load in for you. You should see your email address listed in the following display if the setup was successful.