MDaemon Theme Previews

With the MDaemon webmail, users have options for changing Themes for a different look in the webmail. There are 4 different looks available which include Lite, WorldClient, Pro, and LookOut. This article will provide a brief overview of what each Theme looks like. Even though each Theme is different in the way it looks, each Theme contains the same operations as all the others. To change themes check out this article on how to do so: 

World Client Theme
    - This is the default theme for the MDaemon email. Overall this theme provides a fresh and clean look with all of the information being presentable and pleasant to look at. 
Lite Theme Examples
    - This theme is ideal for users who appreciate a legacy look to their email. 

Look Out Theme Examples
    - This theme is a more sleek and formal look. Ideal for users who prefer icons over text descriptions. 

Pro Themes Theme Examples
    - This theme is a blend of minimalism and professionalism.