Two-Step Authentication for SmarterMail

Not all mail accounts have Two-Step Authentication available for use, check with your administrator to see if this feature is available. (Does not apply to domain accounts)

Two-Step Authentication, also known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), is a security measure that adds an extra layer of protection to user accounts, systems, or applications. It requires users to provide two different types of authentication factors to verify their identity. These factors can include something the user knows (like a password) and something the user possesses (such as a physical device or a one-time password). By combining these factors, Two-Step Authentication significantly enhances security compared to relying solely on a password. It helps prevent unauthorized access and protects sensitive information by adding an additional verification step during the login process.

To enable Two-Step Authentication, follow the steps below.

1. Log into SmarterMail

2. Go to Settings>Account and then scroll down to the Two-Step Authentication section and click enable

3. Next is where you decide what method you would like to have as your one-time code generator. This code is the second layer to the login security and will be needed anytime you login to webmail. The 2 options are "Recovery Email Address" or "Authenticator App". 
  • If you choose "Recovery Email Address" then you will receive your codes via email to the backup address that you submit. (Be aware that it can be a slight delay on the delivery of the backup codes sent to your email. Be sure to give it a minute or so before requesting another code)
  • If you choose "Authenticator App" then it requires you install a third-party authenticator app (such as Google Authenticator) in order to receive your one-time code. Once you have the app setup and you selected Authenticator App as your form of one-time code, you can then scan the QR code generated on the screen.

4. Once you have selected the desired method of one-time code generation, you will then need to enter a recovery email address in the fields below. Then click next

5. The system has then sent you a one-time code either to your authentication app, or the recovery email address, depending on what method you chose. Retrieve the 6-digit code and type it into the specified field and click check

6. If the code that was entered is correct, then you should see the following screen below alerting you that the setup was successful. 

7. Accessing your Email with Two-Step Authentication
  • If you are logging into SmarterMail on the web, then use the regular password you created for your account.
  • If you are setting up your email with IMAP in a mail client such as Thunderbird, you will use the password listed under "IMAP/POP/SMTP". Click the eye icon to reveal the password. When the mail program prompts you to enter the password you will use this one. 
  • If you are setting up your email in an email client with WebDAV (most commonly used for Outlook), then you will use the third password field labelled WebDAV. Click the eye icon to reveal the password. When the mail program prompts you to enter a password you will use this one. 

8. If you ever need to reset your IMAP or WebDAV generated passwords, then click the arrow with a circle next to the password you need regenerated (You will need to update any mail client info that had the previous password used in its login credentials).