Broadband Technician Dispatch

At, we prioritize transparent communication. Ahead of your scheduled technician visit, we'd like to provide you with some detailed information to ensure you're well-prepared.

Dispatch Arrival Window: Please note that this is the expected arrival time for our technician. The duration of the work may extend beyond this window, depending on the specifics of the service required.
Our Commitment to Troubleshooting First: Before any dispatch, our technicians are trained to go through proper troubleshooting with you over the phone. Our primary goal is to work collaboratively with you to resolve the issue without an on-site visit. Only when an issue can't be rectified remotely will we proceed with scheduling a dispatch. This approach is in line with our commitment to offering effective solutions while minimizing potential costs for our customers.
Before the Technician's Arrival:
To assist our technician, please disconnect any third-party devices from our equipment prior to the visit. This step ensures a more efficient identification of issues related strictly to services.
Billable Dispatch Scenarios:
There are situations where a dispatch might be billable and a service charge of $50 would apply:
  1. Modem Swap: If your modem is faulty and needs replacement.
  2. Inside Wiring Issue: Sometimes, the issue stems from the wiring within your home. This could be frayed cables, loose connections, or damaged jacks, resulting from physical wear and tear, renovations, or even pets chewing on cables.
  3. Basic Troubleshooting Resolves the Issue: Some problems can be solved with:
    • Restarting your modem or router.
    • Checking for loose cable connections.
    • Ensuring your device is connected to the right network.
  4. Missed Appointments: If you're not present during the technician's scheduled visit.
  5. Service Working on Arrival: If the service is functioning normally upon the technician's arrival.
Please note: The decision of whether a dispatch is billable is at the technician's discretion. However, any charges related to the service visit will be processed directly by
Non-Billable Dispatch Scenarios:
Situations where a dispatch would not be billable:
  1. Outside of the Home Issues: Including damaged outdoor cabling, issues at the local distribution point, or malfunctions with area-wide infrastructure. However, damage caused by the customer or a third party, such as lawn care or line damage from renovations, may incur a charge.
  2. Outages: If there's a known service outage in your vicinity.
For any queries or further clarification, our customer support team is always here to assist.
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