Arris DG3450 3rd Party Router Setup

How to Enable Bridge Mode on Your Arris DG3450 Modem (For Users with Their Own Router):

If you prefer to use your own router for more advanced functionalities and features, you can set your Arris DG3450 modem to work in bridge mode. This means the modem/router will only act as a modem, passing the public IP address to your personal router, and disabling its router capabilities. Here's how you can set it up:

1. Login to the Arris DG3450 Interface:
  • Open a web browser on your computer or device.
  • In the address bar, type `` and press `Enter`.
  • When prompted, enter the username `admin` and for the password, use the pre-shared key (this can be found on a sticker located on your modem).
2. Navigate to the Summary Page:
  •     On the left sidebar, under the `Gateway` section, click on `Summary`.
3. Switch to Bridge Mode:
  • In the main content area, find the `Bridge Mode` section.
  • Click on the `Enable` button.
4. Acknowledge the Warning:
  • A warning message will pop up, highlighting that enabling bridge mode will disable the Wi-Fi functionality of your Arris DG3450 gateway.
  • To proceed, click on the `OK` button.
5. Confirmation:
  • The modem may take a moment to apply the changes and might restart. Once it's back online, your modem will be in bridge mode.
  • At this point, you can connect your personal router to the modem and set it up as needed.
  • With the modem in bridge mode, all router functions of the modem will be turned off. You'll need to manage all routing and Wi-Fi settings through your personal router. 
  • If you ever wish to revert the settings and use the built-in router of the Arris DG3450, you can follow the same steps and select `Disable` under the `Bridge Mode` section.
  • Alternatively, if you encounter difficulties or simply wish to return the modem to its original settings, performing a modem reset will revert all changes. However, please note that a reset will erase all custom configurations, so ensure you have any important details saved beforehand.
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