Start Page - Set as your Home Page

The Start Page brings all of the tools and services you would normally use onto one convenient page.  It features quick access to your email, news, weather, stocks, games, shopping, search, account controls and more!  To set the Start page as your home page, find your web browser and follow the steps.


  1. Click the 3 vertical dots  in the top right
  2. Click Settings and scroll down to On Startup
  3. Click "Open a specific page or set of pages" > Add a new page
  4. Enter in the Site URL box > Add
  5. Close out of Chrome - when you reopen Chrome, your new start page will be set


  1. Click Safari from the menu bar and select Preferences
  2. Change the address next to Home page to:
  3. Close the Preferences window. 
  4. Close out of Safari - when you reopen Safari, your new start page will be set


  1. Click the Menu button   and then select Settings.
  2. Select "Start, home, and new tabs" from the list of options on the left-hand side of the window.
  3. In the tab "When Edge Starts" select the option that says "Open these pages:"
  4. Click "Add a new page" Type in the "Enter a URL" box followed by Add.
  5. Close out of Edge - when you reopen Edge, your new start page will be set.


  1. Click the Menu button Chrome menu and then select Options.
  2. On the Options window, make sure the Home icon is selected.
  3. Ensure "Homepage and new windows" is set to Custom URLs
  4. Type in the "Paste a URL" box
  5. Close out of Firefox - when you reopen Firefox, your new start page will be set


Once you have the Home Page set, follow these instructions to customize your Start Page.