Optimize your Dial-up Connection

TOAST.net wants you to experience the best Internet connection possible. We highly recommend a broadband connection. See our cable, DSL and wireless plans.

However, if dial-up is the only service available in your area, here are some tips for a fast, stable connection and a good browsing experience.


We use the most up-to-date equipment offering 56K digital connections on one of the largest dial-up networks in the industry. The quality of your connection depends on the quality of your phone line. If you are experiencing disconnects or slow connectivity, try these recommendations:

  1. Contact your phone company and see if they can remove the static or hum on your phone line.
  2. Stabilize your connection and force a stronger connection with a modem initialization string.
  3. Try different access numbers.
  4. Try a new dial-up modem. We recommend the Agere and Conexant chipset.


Web pages today are being designed with richer content which may cause your computer to render the pages slower than they used to. The latest browsers are designed with newer technologies to speed up the rendering and significantly speed up your web browsing. TOAST.net recommends the latest version of either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome for optimal browsing performance.