Real Time Blacklist


You are not receiving emails from friends and family and they are getting a returned message similar to the following:

"550 5.7.1 This system is configured to reject mail from [email server] (Host blacklisted - Found on Realtime Black List server ['', '', etc.])"

Cause may be blocking the message because it's coming from a blacklisted server. To verify that a server is blacklisted, get the IP address listed in the above error from your friend or relative's returned message (listed under [email server]) and enter it on the RBL website (example: SpamCop).


If the sender's email server is blacklisted:

  1. Typically, a blacklisted server is only blocked temporarily and should be freed once the Spam messages are no longer being reported (within a few hours or days). Waiting for this time to expire should once again allow you to receive messages from the sender. 
  2. Have the person send an email from another email server that is not blacklisted. There are many free email services such as Yahoo! and Hotmail. 
  3. Give the sender one of your sub-accounts. Then the person can send an email from our website (
  4. Have the sender's email administrator turn off the open relay on their server. This website has excellent tips to secure an email system: Then follow the instructions on the RBL website to get their server delisted.

If you still have questions on why messages are not going through, visit our support site ( and fill out the email form. Be sure to include any error messages and the sender's email address.