Change Access Number uses several different dial-up networks for greater coverage and reliability. Most U.S. cities have multiple access numbers to choose from. Choose the number that works best for your location, but make sure it's a local call as is not responsible for any long distance charges.

Windows (using the Dialer)

  • If you're already running the Dialer, follow these instructions:
    1. Double click the icon on your Desktop.
    2. Click on the Select button.
    3. Enter your State and City in the drop down menu (or you can choose the area code).
    4. Choose a number and click OK.
    5. Confirm that it's a local call with no additional fees from your phone company.

Mac or Manual Connection

If you have a Mac or work with a manual connection under Windows:

  1. Use this article to find a local access number.
  2. Then you can manually set up a dial-up connection.