Stay Secure: Identifying Phishing Emails with Examples

If you receive an email that encourages you to click a link, verify your account, update your email, etc, that could be a phishing email. Phishing is the name given to fraudulent email messages designed to trick you into divulging your username, password, or bank info. These emails frequently contain poor grammar, and spelling errors, and may seem to come from strange email addresses.

DO NOT respond to these emails will never ask for your username or password through email or chat. Please contact Support if you have a question about an email from 

Tips to identify a phishing email:

  • Hover over the From to see who sent it.
  • Hover over the link, does it come from the same domain as the sender?
  • Does it prompt immediate action or sound suspicious?
  • Is it riddled with typing errors?
If you shared any information with the fake address, logged into a site they linked, or just want to be extra secure, then you need to change your email password right away. To change your password go to Settings --> Account Settings--> User. There you should see the fields to update your password. Of course if you have trouble please contact Support

Below are some examples of phishing emails (Look at how the email address is not from, this is the easiest way to tell):

Example 1

Example 2
Example 3

From: " Notification" <>

Dear Subscriber,
 You are at 95% email capacitys! Please CLICK HERE to upgrade your account!

Failure to do so may result in lost or mail undelivered email!

Thank you for using!


If you receive a message like this, please mark it as "Spam" using the Spam button in Webmail.