How to install a new theme in Concrete 5

  1. Select a theme from concrete at:
  2. Click on the name of the theme.
  3. Select Download if the theme is free.  If the theme needs to be purchased, select Add to cart.  (NOTE: You will need to register with Concrete in order to create an account and purchase your theme.)
  4. Select Download Now.
  5. Select Save and save it on your local machine.
  6. Open a browser window and go to:
  7. Login with your username and password.
  8. Select File Manager.
  9. Select httpdocs.
  10. Select packages.
  11. Select Add new File.
  12. Click on the circle in front of Upload File.
  13. Select the Browse button and find your theme's .zip file that you downloaded above.
  14. Click on the box after Upload archive and extract it.
  15. Select OK.
  16. Open your website in a web browser window and edit your site (refer to Editing Your Site with Concrete).
  17. Select Add Functionality from the left navigation bar.
  18. Click on the install button.
  19. Now select Pages and Themes from the left navigation bar.
  20. Scroll down to find your new theme in the list of installed themes.  
  21. Select Activate next to the image of your new theme.
  22. Your new theme is now activated.