MiFi 2200 - Wireless Troubleshooting

What problem are you having?  

MiFi Card will not power up, or power light flashes red.


Battery is discharged or not seated properly inside the MiFi card.

  • Plug the card into the included AC Adapter for 4 hours to complete a full charge. The card's power light will turn yellow when charging, and green when fully charged.
  • If the power light continues to blink red after 15 minutes, remove the card's battery cover, remove the battery, make sure nothing is obstructing the copper contacts, then replace the battery and attempt to charge again.
  • Try using the MicroUSB cable to charge the card from a computer (ignore any prompts to install software when the card is plugged in.
If the card will not charge, contact TOAST.net Customer Service for warranty replacement.

Data light stays solid green, can't connect to the Internet.


An Internet signal is detected, but the connection is "dormant" because no Internet traffic is currently being used.

  • Check your WiFi connection settings to make sure your computer is actually connected to the MiFi card.
  • Log into the MiFi card and check your connection status:
    • If you are running the TOAST.net Web Accelerator, you must first turn the Accelerator OFF.
    • Open a web browser and go to the address:
    • Enter admin for the login password:
    • Click Cancel on the Setup Wizard screen. IMPORTANT- DO NOT RUN THE SETUP WIZARD.
    • You will now see the MiFi card's diagnostic screen. Check the connection status.
    • If Dormant or Disconnected, try clicking the Connect button.
    • If Connected, make sure the Signal Strength has as least 2 bars showing.
  • If unable to establish a connection from the card, try moving the card to another location with better reception.
  • Check coverage for current location. If area is not covered, use card in an area with better coverage.
  • If no coverage is available, seek alternative types of connections.

Power Light is blue/can't connect.


A blue power light indicates "Roaming," meaning you are not able to get a signal from an authorized TOAST.net Wireless source.

  • Try moving the MiFi card to another location to acquire a signal.
  • Check coverage area, try using MiFi card in an area with better coverage.
  • If coverage is not available, seek alternative types of connections.

USB Connection to PC: Not Currently Supported.
  • There is a micro-USB port on the side of the MiFi card. This port is used for charging the device only. 
  • You may use the supplied AC charger or the MicroUSB cable to charge your MiFi card.
  • Due to potential installation and configuration problems, installation of "tethering" software is not recommended and not supported.
MiFi wireless network does not show up on computer.


The MiFi card is not being detected by the PC's WiFi adapter.

If the card is confirmed not working, contact TOAST.net Customer Service for warranty replacement.