Windows 10 Mail with ActiveSync

Applies to: Users who want to access email, contacts, and calendars in Windows 10. 


I. Turn on ActiveSync for your mailbox.

  • If your mailbox is
    1. Login to My Account.
    2. Select Email Accounts on the left menu.
    3. Enable ActiveSync for the desired mailbox.
  • If your mailbox is part of a web hosting plan, contact your account manager or customer service.
If you can't enable ActiveSync, you can use IMAP to get email instead.

II. Configure SmarterMail with ActiveSync Windows 10 Mail.

  1. If you're setting up Windows 10 Mail for the first time, when you open the app you'll see the option to Get Started. Otherwise, open Mail, and click the settings icon at the bottom.

  2. Click on Accounts and Add Account.       

  3. As you're setting up an EAS account, click on the Exchange (Exchange, Office 365) option.

  4. Enter your full email address, then click Next.

  5. Enter your password, then click Sign-in.

It may take a few seconds but your account should come up and start syncing your mail, contacts and calendar. After everything syncs up, your Windows 10 Mail app will work with the People and Calendar apps that are built-in to Windows 10.