Home Base - Forgot Password & How to Factory Reset

If you forgot the password that you set for your device, you can reset the Home Base to factory defaults. 

Step 1

Remove the bottom cover of your Home Base. 

Step 2

With a pointed object, press and hold the recessed reset button for 8 seconds.
You're not done yet! Click this link to set the default settings after you've reset your Home Base.

(Optional) Step 3

You can also reset the device through the AT&T Home Base Manager

Step 4

Enter http://att.homebase in your browser's address bar.

Step 5

Enter the Login: attadmin and click the Submit button.

Step 6

Click Settings.

Step 7

Click Advanced

Step 8

Click Device Reset.

Step 9

Click Reset

Step 10

Click Yes.

Step 11

Follow this link to set the default internet settings on the Home Base. This is so you can connect to the internet again. 

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