Add Contact to Allowed Senders List in MDaemon Webmail

In today's world, where email has become a crucial means of communication, it is important to ensure that important emails from trusted contacts are not lost or sent to spam. One way to ensure this is by adding the email address to your allowed senders list. An allowed senders list is a list of email addresses that are allowed to bypass your email's spam filters and land directly in your inbox. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding an email contact to your allowed senders list, ensuring that you never miss an important email from this sender again.

*Make sure you are logged into your MDaemon webmail subaccount. *
This KB article only applies to the following domains:
If you are using an domain, then check out this KB article.

There are 3 ways in which you can add the senders address to the "Allowed Senders" list.

  1.  Find an email they have sent you previously.
    1. Right click on the email they sent you and select "Allow Sender" as seen below.
    2. The user is now on your trusted senders list. To prove it actually is there, select contacts on the left toolbar.
    3. Then select "Allowed Senders" to see the list of Allowed Senders where you should see the users email address or contact on the list. 
  2. The address you want to add is already an existing contact. 
    1. If the address is already a contact but is not on your allowed senders list, then navigate to your contacts.
    2. Right click on the contact that you want to add to the allowed senders list and select copy/move.
    3. Then select the allowed senders list as the destination, and then click copy to add the user to the allowed senders list.
    4. The desired contact should now be on your allowed senders list.
  3. The user has never sent you an email before, and isn't already a contact
    1. If the user has never sent you an email before but you still need to add them to this list, then select contacts. 
    2. Select "Allowed Senders" 
    3. On the right side of the screen select "New Contact"
    4. Fill out the basic details for the person sending you an email. At minimum you need to put their email address in the details form, but name is also recommended.
    5. Once you have the details filled out, hit save in the bottom right of the screen. You should now see the user in the list of allowed senders.
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