People Are Unable to Send You Email

This article gives solutions to people that may have trouble sending to your email account. One of two things tend to happen when an email isn't delivered to your Inbox: either the message has been filtered, or it may have been returned to the sender. Please choose the situation that applies below:

Someone sent me an email and it goes to my Quarantine, Junk Email, or Spam folder.

If you seem to be missing messages, it is a good idea to make sure they are not being filtered. Messages that do not appear in your Inbox may be getting sent to your Quarantine, Junk E-mail, or Spam folder. These folders are viewable by logging into your email account at If this is happening, it means there is some property of the message that makes's Spam Filter believe it is undesirable. This can be easily rectified by adjusting your filtering settings. To learn how to adjust your Spam Filters, click here.

Someone sent me an email and their message was returned to them.

If someone sends an email to your email address and it is returned to them, normally the contents of the returned message will explain the reason. Common reasons for returned emails include:

  • The sender is sending to an incorrectly spelled email address.
  • The sender is sending an attachment that is too large.
  • The sender's outgoing email server is on a blacklist.
  • The sender is forwarding an email that breaks an existing rule set up by their ISP.
  • The recipient's mailbox is full.

For a list of error messages contained in returned emails with explanations, please click here.

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