Spam Protection and Prevention uses the latest technologies to fight spam (unsolicited email). In the unlikely event you do have a problem with spam messages reaching your inbox, follow these tips:
  • If it's a legitimate message, then unsubscribe: Many people think messages from Kohl's, Target, Amazon, etc. are spam, but they're not. You may have given the company your email when you made a purchase. All you need to do is click "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the message. This is the easiest way to prevent unwanted email. 
  • Flag the message as Spam: Log into your Webmail at to use your spam controls. If a spam message shows up in your mailbox, mark it as "Spam" so the system can learn to filter similar messages in the future. You may have to mark several examples before the filter takes hold. Also see: Spam Management and Filtering 
  • Don't reply to a Spam message: By law, all mass emails must feature an unsubscribe link. If the email does not have an unsubscribe link, do not reply to the email as this will only tell the spammer that you're opening spam messages and they will send you more.
  • Protect your email address: Be careful about giving out your email address. Filling out surveys, contests, and signing up for accounts are all common ways for your email address to be added to a mailing list. Make sure you only give your information to a a trusted web site (trusted websites will have a detailed privacy statement). If you sign up for an account that requires your email address, watch for prompts regarding 3rd parties contacting you. Opt out if given the choice.