POP3 Setup for Email Programs

Root > Email > _Setup
Some people on older computers or in certain circumstances may wish to use POP3 to download email into an email program. TOAST.net highly recommends using IMAP to access your email accounts due to its many benefits. You can setup your email program to use an IMAP connection here:  Email Settings Wizard

For further information on IMAP, POP3, and Webmail access, Click Here

Automatically Configure Your Email Program for POP3 Access

TOAST.net's POP3 Setup Wizard can automatically configure TOAST.net residential email accounts for POP3 access. The wizard is compatible with the following email programs (Windows only):

  • Windows Mail (Vista)
  • Outlook Express
  • Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003
  • Mozilla Thunderbird


If your email program is not compatible with the Setup Wizard, you may enter the following settings manually:

 Server Type: POP3
 Incoming Mail Server: pop.gmail.com
 Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.gmail.com (Requires Authentication)
 SSL (incoming/outgoing) Required
 Incoming Mail Server Port # 995
 Outgoing Mail Server Port # 465