Eliminating Pop Ups and Spyware

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Eliminating Pop Ups and Spyware

Two of the most common problems people experience on the Internet are "pop up ads" and "spyware" infections. Pop up ads refer to those annoying advertising windows that "pop up" on your screen while you're browsing on the Internet. Spyware is software that gets installed on your PC (normally without your consent) that runs in the background and can cause things like systems slow downs, constant pop up ads, and numerous other problems. TOAST.net offers the following advice on protecting your PC and your privacy.

  1. Install proper security software (anti-virus & anti-spyware), TOAST.net recommends Microsoft Security Essentials available here:  www.toast.net/software
  2. Use the most up-to-date browser.  Download the latest browser from the TOAST.net software page.
  3. Follow safe computing practices.  Go to Steps for Safe Computing to make sure you are protected.

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