Third-Party Router Setup

Choosing the Right Guide for Your Modem

Setting up a third-party router with our provided modems requires specific steps for each modem model. We offer a variety of modems for our connections, each with its unique interface. Below, identify your modem from the images provided and click on the image or the respective link to access the detailed setup guide tailored for that model.

1. Arris DG3450
If you have the Arris DG3450 modem, you're in the right place. Follow this guide to get started.

2. Other Arris Models (DG3270, DG2470, DG2460, & DG860)

These Arris models (DG2470, DG2460, and DG3270) are quite similar in appearance with minor mechanical or version differences. 

The DG860, while visually different, follows the same setup process as the aforementioned models. 

Got one of these Arris models? No problem! Here's your guide.

3. BGW Modem Models (BGW210 & BGW320)

If your modem looks like one of these, you're in luck. Both have the same setup steps. Check out this guide.

4. PACE5268AC 
For our friends with the PACE5268AC modem, this is the guide for you.

Need Help?
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