Stabilize A Dial-up Connection With an Initialization String (Windows)

If you are experiencing disconnections, difficulty connecting, or throughput problems on your dial-up connection, an initialization string can often stabilize the connection and improve performance. The easiest way to enter an initialization string is through the Dialer.

If you don't already have the Dialer installed, click here for download instructions.

To enter an initialization string:

  1. Open the Dialer by clicking the Icon on your Windows Desktop.
  2. Click the Options button.
  3. Click the Modem tab.
  4. Under Extra Settings, type in an initialization string:
    • Most modems use the string: +MS=V34 
    • Older modems may use one of the following:
      1. s32=98
      2. -v90=0
      3. *mm12
      4. n0s37=12
  5. Click the Test button to ensure the string works with your modem. You will receive a message stating "The modem has successfully accepted the modem initialization command." if the string is compatible. If you get an error, try another string.
  6. Click OK when complete, then try to connect.

If you successfully connect, you will notice that your connection speed is between 26400 and 33600. This may be a lower speed than you were receiving before using the initialization command. However, since the connection is much more stable, there will be far less transmission errors. This results in more data throughput, and therefore better performance.