Slow connections

This article helps identify, and resolve, connection speed and performance related issues.

  1. Telephone line quality is a major factor that affects dial-up performance. In order to troubleshoot possible line issues follow the steps here.
  2. Using an alternate access number can increase performance. To change your access number please follow the steps here.
  3. Spyware is another cause of slow speeds. In order to make sure your computer is protected from spyware, please follow our Five Steps for Safe Computing.
  4. Check for programs that may be performing updates automatically. If updates are occurring, you may want to let your computer sit for an hour or two while connected to the Internet to allow updates to finish.
    Two of the most common items are:
    1. Windows updates
    2. Protection software (anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall)
  5. A modem initialization string can often stabilize the connection and improve performance. To enter an initialization string please follow the steps here.