How to Allow a Blocked Website in VIPRE

These instructions are only meant to be used in the situation where you receive the following message:

VIPRE has determined that the site you are trying to visit contains potentially harmful or objectionable content.

To proceed to this site, contact your IT administrator.

To allow the site from the VIPRE Agent (The user must have been granted the right to manage the Firewall)
  1. Open the VIPRE agent
  2. On the main page next to the FIREWALL click Settings. If FIREWALL is not shown it is not enabled for the account. Please contact to enable.
  3. Click the Bad Web Site Exceptions button.
  4. Click Add
  5. Enter the domain name to allow (e.g.:
  6. Click OK
  7. Click OK
Please note:
  • If you did not receive a message, then these steps will not correct the issue you are experiencing
  • After making the above change, please close and re-open your browser to clear the cache. If you do not, the page may not initially show up as allowed.