Windows 8 Search

Windows 8 has an incredibly powerful search feature built into the operating system.

This KB will give information and some examples of how to utilize the Windows 8 Search.

There are 2 main ways to get into the search for Windows 8.

The first process is to activate the charms bar and click on the magnifying lens.

1. Click in the upper right hand corner of the screen to open the charms bar.

2. Click on the magnifying lens to open the search Menu.

Alternatively you can open the Tiles screen by clicking in the bottom left hand corner of the screen:

Once the tiles are open you will see this screen:

To search, simply begin typing what you are looking for:

You will notice there are three basic sets of data: Apps, Settings and Files.

Apps are applications installed on the computer, settings are settings that are found inside the Control Panel and around Windows, and files are all files that are on the computer.

When you find the program you want you can either left click on it to open the program/file, or right click to see various modifiers for the file, such as run as administrator:

Windows 8 search can be utilized to open any program installed and can often be quicker than looking through the Tiles screen.