Auto Backup - Enable for Email Account

This article will give instructions on how to enable Auto Backup with your G Suite email account and also how to view backed up photos.
To utilize this feature please ensure that your G Suite account is enabled on your mobile device. Please click here to view the proper article to ensure your account is setup.
This feature will ensure that even if your mobile device is lost, you have a complete backup of all photos and videos online. It can also make transferring photos to your computer an absolute breeze.
  1. Click on the Photos icon on your home page.

  2. If you do not see it on the desktop then you will need to go into your Apps drawer to select the Photos program.
  3. If you still do not see the Photos application, visit the appropriate application store for your mobile device and install it.
  4. Click on the menu button for your device, varies by manufacturer, and select Settings.

  5. Click on Auto Backup.

  6. Click the Off button in the upper right hand corner and it will switch to On.

  7. Make any changes desired for the Photo size and backup options. Under Backup Photos and Videos you will see a couple options. Whether or not to allow uploads of WiFi and the mobile network, or WiFi only.

  8. At the very bottom of this screen you can also choose to back up all existing photos and videos now, and if you want it to back up while charging only or roaming.

 In order to view the photos stored by Google+ Auto Backup, follow these steps.
  1. Go to
  2. Select More and then Auto Backup

  3. From here you will be able to select photos, delete, download or edit them at will. You can also add them to other albums and share them.