Opens the Wrong Google Mailbox

If you open your mailbox and a different mailbox appears (example:, it's because you're still logged into that other mailbox. Here's how to resolve it:
  1. In your Gmail account, click the name or email icon in the upper right corner, then choose Sign Out.
  2. Go to the Start Page and sign in.
  3. Click the Mail icon and your email should now open.

Tip: Use Multiple Sign-in

Use this method to avoid the above problem.  Easily switch between multiple Google-powered mailbox by using the multiple sign-in feature:
  1. Open one of your mailboxes.
  2. Click your name or email icon in the upper right corner of your mail screen.
  3. Select Add account from the drop-down menu.
    Account information while signed in to one account

  4. On the page that opens, enter the email address and password for another account you wish to access, and click Sign in.

Switching between accounts

Once you’re signed in to more than one account in the same browser, you can easily switch accounts. Just click your name or email address at the top and click on the email address you’d like to sign in to.

Account information while signed in to two accounts

Signing out

If you choose to sign out of any account while using multiple sign-in, you will be signed out of all your accounts. To resume using multiple sign-in, you will need sign in to one account and then use the Add Account option to sign in to your other account(s). Keep in mind that these accounts are kept completely separate and do not share any information or data between each other.