Google says you have a conflicting account

When Google says you have a conflicting account, it means that you used your email address with another Google service before Google switched to a unified sign-in system to access a variety of Google products.  For example you may have used Picassa Web to save some pictures.

Proceed with the steps below to resolve the conflict.  Note that this does not affect your email address or the messages in your mailbox.  

 1. Go to the Start page,

 2. Click Sign In.

 3. Click Sign In with Google.

 4. Enter your email address / password.

 5. Click the Get Started button.

 6. If there is an option to Move data to the account managed by your service provider complete these steps.

a. Click the Move data to the account managed by your service provider link.

b. Sign into your ISP account.

c. Check any boxes for items to move.

d. Check the 4 confirmation boxes.

e. Click the I accept. Move this data button to merge the data.

f. If all the data was able to be moved, you are finished and do not need to complete steps 7-16.

 7. Open another browser tab.

 8. Log into MyAccount,

 9. Create an account to use for any data that can't be merged. Besure to remember your username and password.

10. Log out of MyAccount.

11. Back on the Google migration screen, click Next to select a different address for your personal Google Account.

12. Choose the option for An account that uses a non-Google email address you already own.

13. Click Continue.

14. Enter the address and the password.

15. Click Save email address.

16. Log into the account, open the email from Google and click the link to approve the change.