Full Mailbox

If your mailbox is full, follow these steps to purge deleted messages and free up space:
1. Using your web browser, go to www.toast.net/start and make sure you are signed in.


2. Click the “Smarter Mail” icon at the top right to access your mailbox.



3. We recommend removing the oldest messages first:
    A. Click on the Deleted Items folder.
    B. Click “Date” to sort messages and show the oldest messages at the top.



4. Select messages to purge (50 at a time is good). Don't select messages from the last 12 months just in case you might need them.



5. After messages are selected:

    A. Click the "Delete" drop-down tab.

    B. Click "Delete" to purge the selected messages.

    C. Verify the number in pop-up matches the # of messages selected and click "OK" to confirm.



6. That's it! It might take SmarterMail a few minutes to update your storage space on the Logout menu.