Start Page - Can't save Settings

Browser Cookies being blocked or deleted can prevent access to the web site or other websites that use cookies.

  • In Internet Explorer has a setting that will clear the saved cookies when exiting the browser, preventing the Start Page and email from staying signed in for up to two weeks. Turn off this setting by clicking on the Tools icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser window, then select Internet Options. Remove the checkmark next to Delete browsing history on exit. If Internet Explorer is set to block cookies, you can reset the security settings.
  • In order to do the same thing in the Edge browser, you'll need to go to Settings and select Privacy and Security. Under Cookies, select the Don't block cookies button. Then under Choose what to clear, make sure Always clear this when I close the browser is disabled.
  • If you have security software that blocks cookies automatically, you need to accept cookies from or the website you are attempting to view. You will need to check your security software's documentation to adjust these settings.